Colma opens at the Embarcadero Cinema June 22

Introduce yourself in one sentence:
H.P: Hi, I'm HP and I'm a Pisces with a Virgo rising which means I don't put any stock in astrology whatsoever.

Ages and Occupations:
H.P:30, Screenwriter, Musician
RW: 30, filmmaker

Home Towns:
H.P:San Francisco, born at St. Luke's in the Mission.
RW: San Francisco

How long have you lived in the Bay Area and Where and Why?
H.P:I spent my childhood in the Mission, my tween years in the Excelsior, my high school years in Colma, and my post college years in the Tenderloin. After living in the east coast for a few years, I came back and lived in the Sunset from 2005 to 2007 and I now live with my boyfriend in the Mission.

RW: Lived in San Francisco all but 5 years when I lived in LA. I've always lived in the Richmond district. I love how it is quiet here, but just a short walk (not drive) away from everything you need.

Favorite song in the film?
H.P: One Day pt.2, mostly because I loved having a Burt Bacharach moment.

RW: That's impossible to answer, it changes month to month. This month: One Day Part 2

Why a musical?
H.P:I think musically. Maybe even lyrically. Anything can be a musical without being silly.

How hard was incorporating "Serramonte" into a song?
H.P:I HAD to work that into the song. I giggled at the idea of incorporating the word and chose that lyric in lieu of "You need to know Junipero" because of the number of people who pronounce it "joo-nih-pair-oh" as opposed to "hoo-nee-peh-row".

RW: I've always loved musicals - so, why not? I think of it as just as viable a means of telling a story as a non-musical, so this was something that never crossed my mind considering how the project was conceived.