Last night, around 11 p.m., a car coming off the freeway making the now-standard illegal right turn onto the Octavia Street freeway ramp hit a biker. [edit per CBS 5 story.] Alas, that's not the weird part.

So the driver was about halfway up the onramp and about to take off, when another passing driver got out of his car and grabbed the would-be hit-and-runner's steering wheel so he couldn't drive away. The hit-and-run driver's car then flipped over and pinned the witness underneath it, with the driver still in the car. (Endearingly, a friend of the witness described the car-flipper as "my old man.")

Other bystanders then came by and helped flip the car back up -- at which point the driver made a break for it and zoomed off. Doh! Other drivers followed the hit-and-run guy, at which point he ended up turning himself in to the Emeryville PD, who promptly took him back to SF for booking. That's a lot of trips across the bridge.

Biker and witness were taken to SF General; no word yet as to how they're doing. Dude, how do you manage to flip a car just by holding the steering wheel? And total good karma to all the witnesses who helped! Pedestrians and bicyclists all over town salute you.

Picture of the Octavia/Market off-ramp by SFist Jim.