Happy Father's Day! For those of you who have dads, are dads, or know dads, this one's for you, from all of us at the Gothamist network.

Due to some sad shootings in the Western Addition neighborhood, SFist needed to engage in a little escapism. They also got some kicks by making fun of an embattled member of the SF Board of Supervisors. They reviewed Mike Daisey's phenomenal (and long!) show, playing in Berkeley. Then, back to sobering: a conversation with San Francisco Chronicle editor Phil Bronstein about some of that paper's troubles. McSweeney's, whose home base is in San Francisco, announced some money troubles of their own, and an associated sale. Luckily, no matter the locale, folks can find out where it's safe to pee.

Compiled and edited by Jillian Ashley Blair Ivey.

Photo of the bomb squad trying to gain entrance to the Postal Museum earlier this week by DCist reader and Flickr user Diggin, used by permission. Apparently the man in the bomb suit is throwing up his arms because the doors were locked.

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