Man, we're bummed the Chron still hasn't put back up the pictures of the Canton Flower Shop and their stymied attempts to inspect the legendary shower in the back -- but we do have a new Matier and Ross column to summarize from the Tapioca Ed perspective: we call it M&R and Everyone We Know.

--First up -- Ed Jew himself: M&R repeat what faithful SFist readers recalled earlier this week: DA Kamala Harris hired Ed Jew as a consultant in her 2003 race against current Ed Jew attorney Bill Fazio.

One choice tidbit, though: M&R asked Harris's campaign manager where they mailed the checks for Jew's work, and he replied, after laughing, "I think we handed the checks to him. I don't think Ed's the kind of guy you mailed things to." Hey, Tapioca Ed picked up his mail every two weeks!

--Next, Chris Daly: Got so mad at District 5 Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi for not backing him up on the budget showdown with Newsom that other folks joked that they'd need to call in the SWAT team. Ed Jew connection: BoS prez Aaron Peskin was going to reassign Daly's position on the Budget and Finance Committee earlier in the week but got too busy with the Ed Jew arrest.

--And finally, Carole Migden: Has a condo at 3rd and Harrison (and reps SF and Marin), but has been reputed to live in the East Bay with her long-term partner for years. Oh no, C. Mig!

Picture from Friday's rally by SFJim.