You guys are THE BEST. Thanks for all the great pictures of today's Ed Jew rally outside City Hall!

We can't find any coverage of it online yet, but your reports to us say that it was a media circus, and moderately-well-attended by pro Ed Jew folks. Joe O'Donoghue seems to have gotten over his whole "pregnancy brain" thing with Amy Lee enough to give a stemwinder of a speech, accusing various other elected officials of not living in their districts either. Of our DA, he said, "Kamala Harris is the Duke prosecutor of San Francisco."

Other totally amazing pictures from SFist Jim and readers SFMike and Angela after the jump, including some excellent signage, some anti-Ed Jew protesters, and Pat Murphy in an SFist shirt! We're having a terrible time deciding which pictures to use; they're all awesome.

Picture by SFist Jim.