Nothing too new to report on the Ed Jew got arrested front this morning, but the Chron did survey all the other Board of Supervisor members for their reactions. Let's go in order!

--District 1 (Jake McG): "The appearance is so bad, we don't need a trial."
--District 2 (Michela Alioto-Pier): Considers Jew a friend, "Let's remember he's not been found guilty of anything."
--District 3 (Aaron Peskin): "If I was in his place, I would [resign.] .... unless he has some remarkable story that he has not told yet to give people confidence." Peskin told the Examiner that Jew was in "a pickle."
--District 4 (Tapioca Ed): left work early yesterday (3:30 p.m.).
--District 5 (Ross the Conquistador): They had to cancel a meeting yesterday because everyone was so distracted about Ed.
--District 6 (C. Daly): Has apparently been calling for Jew to resign for weeks; busy issuing statements about the budget showdown.
--District 7 (Sean Elsbernd): no comment.
--District 8 (Bevan Dufty): "Only Ed and his conscience can tell him what to do at this point."
--District 9 (Tom Ammiano): "A resignation would be the best thing."
--District 10 (Sophie Maxwell): Innocent until proven guilty.
--District 11 (Gerardo Sandoval): "I'm in a state of shock."

After the jump, a collection of links and some tidbits about Ed Jew (including some of the ones folks are asking about in the comments). We totally did not realize Kamala Harris had hired Jew as an advisor in her DA campaign! Awkward!