This time around, she showed up right away, dissing John, the exotic scientist dancer who was cast adrift last episode. Not much happened during the first 20 minutes or so, which just gave us more time to get completely annoyed by Captain Joe Don and how he wears his captain's jacket over his bare chest. Put on a damn shirt, or button that damn jacket. You look a fool!

The treasure hunt included a water pit filled with snakes and Nessa was the first person to voluntarily jump in and look for the clue, although someone else actually found it. Back on the ship there was grumbling about greedy Captain No-Shirt, but Nessa didn't get a black spot, so she wasn't up for casting away, so we didn't have to pay attention anymore. Absolutely no one voted for mutiny, even though everyone seems to hate the captain, and Christian was cast adrift.

Elsewhere in the reality TV universe, "American Inventor" featured San Francisco auditions that included one guy who was sure his bicycle wheel covers would rock the world; the judges didn't agree. There was also a really cute red-headed kid named Anthony Moebest (best name ever!) who invented a disposable diaper that had handy wipes attached to them. Well, he didn't so much "invent it" as he attached handy wipes to a pre-existing disposable diaper. The judges rejected him, which made him cry. (George Foreman thought it was a good idea, but that was no consolation for little Moebest.)

And on "America's Got Talent" this local magician got into a bag full of snakes and came out wearing a snakeskin suit. It utterly baffled the judges, and he was rejected.