--What with all the excitement about the arrest warrant for Ed Jew, we didn't get a chance to tell you about how just about 50 miles away, the Santa Clara DA's office had to drop the charges they brought against the now-former mayor of San Jose. (Overzealous.)

--GASP!!! The Oakland Zoo's about to get two pandas!!!!

--Sex for grades?

--John McCain, Bill Richardson, and Barack Obama were in the area today.

--Hybrids aren't clogging up the carpool lanes.

--Terry Semel, the CEO of Yahoo, makes an awful lot of money.

--A $10 plane ticket to fly from Oakland to a bunch of places anywhere in the US?

--Book review editor, thumb-wrestler extraordinaire -- and a member of the SFist family! -- Oscar Villalon is blogging about books for the Chron.

Picture by Jennifer from the Asian Art Museum's MATCHA Japanese hip-hop party last week! Thanks for passing these along, Jennifer!