Of course we can't talk about TV this weekend without talking about the show, well, everyone is talking about. Apparently, the series finale of "The Sopranos" is such big news, it warrants a front page story on the Chronicle. ("Whacked?") We'll just jump to the big question: Tony get whacked? At the beginning of this season (which aired way back in 2006) Tony almost died, and in fact seemed to visit some kind of purgatory while in a coma. He came out of it spouting platitudes and seeming to appreciate life a bit more. Of course, that lasted all of one episode, and soon he was back to his adulterous and sociopathic ways--if not more so. For those who were hoping for some kind of redemption for the mob boss, this probably came as a bit of a disappointment. But perhaps David Chase is just trying the soften the blow of Tony Soprano's eventually whacking. It's easier to say good-bye to a character when you've grown to hate him.

So we ask you, dear readers. Do you think Tony should die? Or do you think his punishment should come at a greater personal loss, such as the death of some, if not all, of his family? (OK. Maybe just AJ.) Or do you think the more fitting end is having Tony getting away with it all, once again, no lessons learned, and no chance of redemption of any kind?