passionistas.jpgOur friend Will who runs New & Used Records is celebrating a CD release this week for The Passionistas. God's Boat, produced by Kelley Stoltz, may sound lo-fi, but the band isn't afraid to get a little high tech by documenting their misadventures with a series of YouTube videos. Catch them at their CD release party at Cafe Du Nord on Friday with Kelley Stoltz, The Dilettantes and The Specs. We've got tickets to the show and a copy of their brand new record for one lucky winner. (Contest ends at noon Friday, winner will be notified via email.)

We're back from our vacation in Austin and have new music to play for y'all, but we're too exhausted to get it together. Let's leave that for next week, and get straight to this week's show picks:

Tonight Menomena plays a free show at Amoeba at 7pm. That's right now, basically. We've been a big fan of Client's last two records, so it's pretty exciting and overdue that they're finally making their Bay Area debut tonight. Popscene has the sultry trio that we told you about last week and we imagine they'll take 330 Ritch by storm. The Rickshaw Stop presents Citay, The Makes Nice and The Barbary Coasters. You may have heard of singer-songwriter Mason Jennings who's playing at Bimbo's tonight, but chances are you haven't heard his opener Ferraby Lionheart yet. We're wondering if he can live up to that fabulous name; listen to his poppy croon and decide for yourself.

Listen to Client
Listen to Citay
Listen to Ferraby Lionheart and watch the video