The Metropolitan Transportation Commission is all over the problem of keeping only confident, competent senior drivers on the road. It's unveiled a new video to educate both seniors and those with seniors in their lives on the risks associated with driving while aging. It's introduced by former State Senator Quentin Kopp -- himself a senior -- who, in a bold performance, admits that he too finds himself driving slower on the freeway.

With that emotionally resonating admission, anyone should find themselves ready to be educated further by the likes of representatives from the California State Automobile Association, the CHP, the DMV, and more.

You can view this 36 minute video online here or get a DVD copy by emailing [email protected], or calling or faxing the MTC (details on the commission's site).

We have a vision that other motorists, pedestrians, and bike riders will proactively hand out said DVDs to seniors they encounter -- and perhaps also have a copy handy to distribute in lieu of fighting, throwing bikes through car windows, or screaming them down or whatever.

(Of course, this sort of presupposes that the seniors in question have net access . . . or a DVD player . . . or would accept a package from a stranger)

Safer roads -- here we come!