Like "Pirate Master" for instance! This show screams executive pitch: "It's 'Survivor' meets Pirates of the Caribbean!" But being that we're only (semi) fans of one of those (the one without Johnny Depp), we can't say we were too excited to watch it. In fact, if there wasn't a "local" involved, it's doubtful we would have bothered at all. That local is named Nessa, and she's from Berkeley.

Aside from loving the "Pirates" ride at Disneyland, and having some fun playing The Secret of Monkey Island years ago, the whole "pirate" thing just never held much appeal. Which probably has a lot to do with the constant groans and eye-rolling we were doing through much of the show. The cast were all decked out in "pirate gear," (lots of head scarves and jewelry) and were told they'd live on an actual pirate ship and search for buried treasure. Someone named Jay, in an interview, talked about how he was like a modern-day pirate in real life. Selling auto parts is totally like being a pirate, because he's "relieving people of their money!" Other cast members of note were John, the "scientist/exotic dancer" and Louie the "annoying fat guy."