Best show you've ever played and what made it great?
Our last gig in Paris at La Maroquinerie in April 2007. The place was packed with 400 fans who knew all the words and clapped and danced and yelled out to us and made us feel incredibly good. We played really well with in our fancy embroidered suits and we came off stage sweaty as barnyard pigs.

Best venue in the world?
I hate to be such a Francophile, but la Cigale in Paris. It's a huge, old, red-velvet theater and truly a lovely place to share and experience live music.

Best fans in the world?
The best fan we've met so far is a young girl from Houston named Gelli. We just met her last week. She wore our band t-shirt at the show, danced in the front row the whole time, beamed bright smiles at us, and gave us hope for the future of the human race.

What's your favorite song to perform?
Right now it's 'Saltbreakers'. I love it when the guys come in -- who doesn't love a rousing chorus of bearded men? Also, I crank the reverb on the amp and dance around with my guitar.

Favorite collaborators?
My bandmates -- Tucker Martine, Karl Blau and Steve Moore. also the wonderful world-class violist Eyvind Kang. and the Cedar Hill Baptist choir from Nashville that sang on 'To the Country' from the new record.

Lamest Crowd Request ever
When we played to two people in Dallas a few years back and both were from our record label. It's not that the label people were lame -- they were really nice -- but that was certainly the lamest attendance ever.

Laura Veirs & The Saltbreakers
June 5 @ Café Du Nord
Openers: Lake, Ryan Auffenberg
Doors: 8pm