Guess where we went for dinner last night? That's right -- we went with friends to support our local public corruption whistleblowers, the fast food bubble tea and salty fried foods empire of Quickly. And of course, we had to go to one of the Quicklys in Tapioca Ed Jew's district! (there's two -- this one on Irving and 22nd, and another on Taraval. Extra bonus: check out that last picture at the link for Quickly Irving and let us know your thoughts on it!)

They have a grand opening sign at this Quickly even though it's been open for almost two years. Know how much it cost 'em to be able to put up that sign?

As promised, we got an almond snow and popcorn chicken, and tried out the fries as well. Dear Lord, those fries were salty. We snapped some pictures, which are after the jump -- but the highlights of the trip were 1) the cheese sticks and 2) THE LETTER FROM ED JEW THAT THE STORE HAD TAPED UP TO THEIR WALL!!!!!!!!!! Do you hear the sound "sprooyoyoyoyoyoyoyng"? That's our irony meter exploding.

You gotta see this letter from Ed Jew!!!! After the jump.