As has been discussed recently, it's seems the S.F.P.D. has some stepped-up traffic safety enforcement actions going on these days. SFist Reader Kate told us about what she saw yesterday - cops giving tickets to cyclists for not stopping when required on Market and also Page. And other parts of town, such as SOMA and the Western A, have also been mentioned as hot spots. It's all over the Internets.

It's true that the cops will sometimes focus on bikes in a certain area for enforcement actions. It seems unfair but oh well. The photo shows an action last week against car drivers who fail to yield in front of City Hall. (People, people, people! When are you going to learn to yield to the peds?) This is a hot spot for violations, hence the enforcement. Did we see cyclists blow through the crosswalk without yielding? Pretty much, but they were ignored. It seems the cops weren't too worried about bikes on that particular day in this particular place. Will the SFPD pick some time in the future to go after jaywalkers? Yep. Does this amount to "selective enforcement"? You make the call. Let's be careful out there.