--A feuding local family's trip to the Dr. Phil show doesn't go so well for the ex-wife.

--We've been trying, and failing, to muster up the energy to write up a full post about the fake San Francisco DA intern all day -- and all you're getting in the end is a Day/Bay link.

--The SF Opera abruptly fired a talented, well-liked, local African-American soprano from tomorrow's season opening , and replaced her with a white South African soprano instead.

--Hope you don't need to get a passport from the SF passport office any time soon.

--What??? They're not even going to nominate a candidate at tomorrow's Progressive Convention??

--Greg Dewar on the new faux-SF TV shows coming up next season.

--And.... a six-foot-long tamale!

We took that picture at yesterday's Oh No Ed Jew Quickly visit,

Don Giovanni