A realtor called Chris Iverson was commenting on the "death of the newspaper industry" over at the 3 Oceans real estate blog.

You may think "who the hell is this guy" to comment on the state of ink media. We'll tell you: He's one of the guys that pays (or perhaps used to pay, based on the entry) for ads in the classified sections of newspapers. From his entry:

I ran ads in the Palo Alto Weekly and the Open Homes sections of the San Mateo County Times (local paper) and San Francisco Chronicle. And the results? Out of 52 groups over two weekends, a total of zero came because they saw an ad in a newspaper.

This built on similar recent experiences he'd had.

Anecdotal? Of course. But it's an excellent, concrete example of how online products (in this case, MLS sites) eat into newspapers' traditional revenue streams.