Yay, Tapioca Ed! We're counting down the days until he's scheduled to get back! (5 days to go.)

Today's Chronicle runs a story about how Ed Jew's travails have been covered in the Chinese-language local media. Man, we are sorry we didn't study the characters harder in our Mandarin Chinese classes (which -- fame whore alert!! -- we took with a certain elected Newsom city official) because their coverage sounds awesome.

The World Journal reports that the owners of the Good Neighbor Cafe are buying papers every day because of the story: "[It is just like watching a serial soap opera. There is a twist and new development every day." Yes it is! They also said, "Unlike other elected officials, we can always see [Ed Jew] on Irving Street after he was elected." They saw Tapioca Ed in the Sunset? They'd be the only ones.

Another paper, the Ming Pao, says Jew has told them he will not resign, and yet another paper, the Sing Tao, says that Jew's having a grand time in Guangdong visiting his ancestral village. Is he going to try and establish residency in that village next?

Finally, Quickly owners have reported that they're feeling ostracized in the community now and that people are calling them "sinners" for reporting Tapioca Ed's alleged shakedown. Aww, Quickly! We're totally picking up some popcorn chicken and an almond snow for lunch today.