Aw, mean! Someone hacked into the telephone hotline that the whale rescuers set up for you to leave messages on how to help directionally-challenged Delta and Dawn get back to the Pacific Ocean, with a . They left a fake voicemail message that the whales had been killed!!!

THAT IS SO MEAN!!!! NO, the whales have NOT been killed. They're doing fine! They just got out from under the Richmond bridge and are headed into San Francisco Bay. Yay! Boats will track them until nightfall.

No one is planning on killing the whales. REPEAT: NO ONE IS PLANNING ON KILLING THE WHALES. What else would we cover in the media if they did?

Update: Whales last seen heading around Tiburon. However, the new worry is that they might go under the Bay Bridge instead of the Golden Gate. How can one set of whales be so bad with directions???

Also, ferry commuters, depending on where the whales end up, you could be delayed on your way to work tomorrow morning.

Picture from the KGO 7 newscast. The action picture of the whales' journey is excellent.

very mean prank