So here's the progress report: they've got around 30 miles to go before they hit the ocean, and as the water gets more saline, their health and mood seems to be improving. (Probably those antibiotic shots are helping too.) The baby's started jumping out of the water, which is not only a sign of improvement but also -- very crowd-pleasing!!! Awwww.

The whales get a little skittish around bridges, though, and there's two more to go -- the Richmond/San Rafael and the Golden Gate. We CANNOT WAIT for the Golden Gate pictures!!!! Send them to us!

Update!: They're rounding the corner and heading to the Richmond Bridge with about 5 miles to go -- they could be in the (SF) Bay !!!

Next Update!: They're under the Richmond Bridge! Man, if they head out to open sea in the middle of the night and we don't get some awesome pictures of whales frolicking near Alcatraz in the middle of our Bay, we're going to be very sad.

Picture from ABC 7. There's also video, at that link and pretty much all the others we included from news media sources.