--Are you into those Iowa Futures Market invisible-hand-of-the-marketplace economic-based ways of predicting political races? Usual Suspects has started one for the SF mayoral race. Gavin Newsom is pegged to win at $36.78.

--The ACLU is going to sue a San Jose company for arranging those "rendition" flights for outsourcing torture.

--Don Perata and his spendthrift ways win him a Golden Pig!

--Midwifery in San Francisco suffers another blow.

--Wow, the real estate market must be tanking -- they'll give you a new car (either the Prius or Mini) if you buy a unit in this SoMa building.

--On a similar note, they're expecting a lot of foreclosures in Vallejo.

--And Cal says there is no way they'd ever have an imposter student like Stanford's Azia Kim. Speaking of whom, it turns out Azia Kim spent most of her time at Stanford volunteering for ROTC.

Yet another awesome picture from Carnaval by dannebrog, from the SFist Flickr stream.