We mentioned a few weeks ago that the funding for California's oft-proposed bullet train system is suspect. Things are looking up in a way, as the High Speed Rail Authority approved the project's first phase. However, the Fresno Bee recently reported another wrinkle: Since the management for San Diego (and its inferior burritos), the Southern California Association of Governments, is pushing for "magnetic levitation trains," rather than steel-wheeled ones, that city may get left on the boarding platform. As the plan stands, the train will initially go from San Francisco to Anaheim.

While we're all in favor of getting quick transportation from NoCal to SoCal, it makes little sense to do it in an non-comprehensive way. Sacramento and San Diego be included in the plans for maximum benefit to the state, its businesses, and its citizens.

Of course, it looks like the various authorities have plenty of time to work out their differences as the Guv., legislature, Congress, private investors, and various subcommitees work out exactly where the necessary billions of dollars will come from.