Today's article reveals that Azia Kim's friends from high school all thought she was going to one of those community colleges that feeds into Berkeley, but when she came back at Christmas break and said she'd gotten into Stanford, everyone believed her. While Kim's grades and extracurriculars weren't great, everyone figured she must have been on the cusp or something.

So guess how Azia Kim got busted? Just guess. YES! The loving RAs of the Okada dorm thought it'd be fun to put together a yearbook of the group for memories in the years to come. They were putting together the pictures, and someone was like, "hey, who's she?"

Kim is described as deeply religious and very sweet -- and her family apparently had no idea she wasn't at Stanford, with her parents paying the $50K in tuition and her sister posting on her (now disappeared) Facebook site just last week, "good luck with finals."

And this is the best part of the whole story! There's another fake student at Stanford! Apparently a woman's been squatting in one of the theoretical physics labs. For . And -- get this -- none of the physics people can figure out what to do about it. Don't some of these folks have Nobel prizes?

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