And the hits keep on coming! Now the Chron's reporting that Ed Jew's been told he has five (5) days to prove that he lives in San Francisco, through tax records or a driver's license or cable bills or utility bills or any other similar documentation. Fog City Journal has copies (.pdf) of the documents sent by the City Attorney's office if you want to see.

As you've probably all heard, either Ed Jew never showers or washes his dishes, or there's not really any water at the residency he has listed with the Board of Supervisors. If Ed Jew doesn't shower, he probably doesn't watch cable or get his garbage picked up either, huh? In response, Jew (or "Tapioca Ed," as commenter kwillets suggests we call him from here on out) first says his and his father's water privacy rights were invaded when the PUC told reporters the house hadn't used much water (to which the City responded that water records are public), and then asked for an extension since he's out of the country until June 4.

Tapioca Ed's lawyer says he encouraged Jew to leave the country, basically since the guy wouldn't shut up to the media, and that they told the FBI about the trip and the FBI didn't say he couldn't go. The tickets for the trip were purchased on May 1. We'll see if that guy ever comes back!

Picture of one of the Quicklys in question, from the Examiner.