Giants 4 Astros 0- Speaking of Giants starters who've been quietly having a good season, there's Noah Lowry who shutout the 'Stros to get his fifth win of the season. Lowry is 5-4 and has gotten a decision in almost every game he's pitched, a sign that he's pitched deep in every game. That's good. The fact that he's only 5-4 but with an ERA under three shows that he's just gotten some bad luck in his outings. Or more like bad offense. Last night, he got just enough offense to win, mainly courtesy of Big Money Molina who hit a little flair into centerfield with the bases loaded to score two. Props also go out to Ryan Klesko for some neat defensive plays and his first Splash Hit as a Giant.

White Sox 8 A's 5- We're going to channel White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen for this post and just say that the A's f----- lost because their usual f------ great pitching fell apart and the f------ lifeless Sox bats managed to get 14 hits. Quote for the day, however, goes to f------ Nick Swish who said this about the Sox lineup featuring batters with low batting averages: "we were last in everything last year, too. So what? We won the division and got to the ALCS. Stats are overrated in my book."