Hey check out these totally sweet NextBus thingies from Melbourne! Man, those rock. Anyway, how was your subway ride this morning? Awesome? Was it awesome? We bet it was awesome. Awesomely MELTY!

"It should reduce the delays,'' says Muni about some software switches they made this morning, in response to complaints from people who don't live here. But uh-oh, our informants tell us that the clogging was worse than ever during today's commute.

Reader Michael writes, "This time it was described as a 'software problem' at Embarcadero. I boarded a 2-car inbound L at Castro just after 6:20 am. ... Finally at 6:50 am I gave up and started walking so I could catch the 8:11 am train. [The driver] was obviously frustrated because she was being told that things would move inbound slowly, but we never got a chance to move at all. I did make the 8:11 train, but I normally wouldn't need to get up at 5:30 am and walk most of the way to do so."

How was your trainride, readers? We were getting text messages this morning from our friends saying things like, "ARGH GRR NEXTBUS SEZ 42 MIN WAIT." When you see bullshit like that, take pictures and tag them on Flickr with Muni and NextBus and SFist so we can post them!