We checked out the completely re-done Pirate’s Cove trail as we neared the end of our loop hike yesterday in the Tennessee Valley area. Wait…Pirate’s Cove? Yep! This particular little cove was a favorite spot for rum runners during Prohibition, hence the name. The Pirate’s Cove Trail was redone as part of the Golden Gate National Recreational Area's (GGNRA) Trails Forever initiative, and they’ve done a fantastic job.

The trail dips and climbs over a stunning stretch of Marin coastline, going all the way down to just above the cove, then climbs up via some nifty new stairs to a ridge where you can look north for miles, and south to San Francisco and beyond. It was hell on our legs, especially after eight up-and-down miles to get there, but absolutely worth it.

To reach Pirate’s Cove, drive to the Tennessee Valley Trailhead (really crowded on weekends, go after work in the evening light if you want some solitude) and take the Valley Trail to the Pirate’s Cove Trail. From there you can hike further to Muir Beach, connect to the Miwok Trail and make a loop of it, or just head back.

Oh yeah….aarrrrrrrr!

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