That said, Falwell was known for his commitment to right-wing causes of all kinds, and in particular, his hostility to civil rights, feminists, and gays made him not particularly well-liked out here in San Francisco. Remember when he said the purple Teletubby Tinky-Winky was gay? Or when he blamed 9/11 on feminists, pagans, and the ACLU? Ah yes.

It's a vexed legacy Mr. Falwell leaves -- which is why a group is sponsoring a Jerry Falwell anti-memorial and speak-out today at 5 p.m. at 18th and Castro. The organizers will be bringing a 3-foot tall Tinky-Winky pinata and encourage participants to bring Tinky-Winkys of their own.

If you go (and there's plenty of reasons why you'd want to sit this one out), send us your pictures! We'd love to share your pictures of a 3-foot-tall Tinky Winky with the world.

We like the Colbert Nation-like nature of this picture, with Falwell in front of a picture of himself.