We'll have a bunch of photos of the new Muni shelters up later today (in the meantime, you can check out dantc's great collection). Take a look a this video, though -- it's one company's way of proposing a bike-sharing system for San Francisco. If Cemusa's vision works out, you'll be able to walk up to secure bike stations, swipe a membership card, and then zoom off on a rented bicycle; sort of like City CarShare, only without the cautious high-stakes YOU'RE RESPONSIBLE FOR A GIGANTIC SPEEDING CAGE OF METAL vibe.

It's a little hard to visualize what the video's getting at, since it's all CG models floating in a white universe. Are these bikes all reserved for John Hodgman and Scruffy VonHipster? This and other questions linger. Like, how many stations would we get around the city? What's stopping thieves from pinching wheels? How does the membership work? What if your destination's station doesn't have any available ports?