Ok, ok -- get this.

We know $100 is a lot of dough. And running is a drag for most of us (especially since we turned 30 a few years ago).

But come ON! The first-ever San Francisco Great Gorilla Run is set to take place Sunday, June 10th in Golden Gate Park. It's a 7K race that benefit's the world's last remaining mountain gorillas. And you get to keep the gorilla suit!

Sure, June 10th is a while off, but the event's organizers are having "The Great Gorilla Happy Hour" on Tuesday, May 15 from 5-9 p.m. (PSST! That's four hours, not one, you silly gorillas) at 111 Minna Gallery . Folks can pick up their gorilla suits and socialize with other folks interested in saving some apes in a quirky, fun, and, well, physically demanding way.

One question: can you do it on a toy car, skateboard-style?


From the race's Web site, pics of the London version of the event