The San Francisco world of restaurant gossip columnists went head over heels when Grace-Ann Walden retired from the Chronicle and the Inside Scoop column. She had all the info, friends in all dining rooms, ears in all the kitchens, she was our go-to-writer every Wednesday for all the tips on new restaurant openings, closures, chef musical chairs and overall juicy gossip. Who was going to dish it to us? We are thankful that Marcia’s Tablehopper stepped in the void Grace-Ann left for our fix of rumors and tidbits.

Grace-Ann did not let her tight relations with the best chefs in town cool down. Quite the contrary, they are sizzling. She went to each of them and collected recipes to put onto recipe cards. Recipe cards! Just like the one that our mom used to cut out of Elle Magazine back when we were kids and we would cook with at Christmas. They come in a boxed set, and each card features a restaurant in San Francisco. There are 86 cards, thus the name of the project: 86 San Francisco (there's "86 New-York" already and more in the works).

We want you to cook with cards, it’s better than a book. See, you don’t have to turn pages, back and forth, back and forth, when you process two recipes in parallel for that fancy dinner party. You can take them with you, just take the ones you need, it’s portable, it’s convenient, it's classic. So we have 3 sets of cards to give away for three of our lucky SFist readers!

Please enter your name and contact info in the fields below before May 16th, and the winners will be contacted by email directly. One submission per reader, please, you insatiable things.

If you can increase your chances of winning something by also entering the (unrelated) contest NY vs. SF Food Challenge organized by 86 recipes: write in 100 words or less why SF is a better food city than NY, and you can win a trip to NY to check your theory first hand.