Remember how everyone was so upset because it turns out that SF doesn't collect on like 60% of parking meter money? Well, the second half of the study is in and it turns out the city makes up virtually all of that difference in parking meter fines. (Thanks, opera/parking blogger The Standing Room, for helping the city balance its budget!) By contrast to the 40% scofflaw rate for meters, the city collects 97% of the $21 million billed out in parking tickets. Oh, the power of The Boot.

Two cars in Hayward were damaged when the facade fell off a local credit union. The awesome part of this story is that the firefighter commenting on the scene to the reporter is Craig Bueno, the A's fan who heckled that Texas Ranger into throwing a folding chair into his wife's nose. Bueno's been promoted to deputy fire chief!

And.... news flash! Matier and Ross report that Carole Migden is selling her government car. Slow day on the political beat, guys?