Is anyone else deeply enjoying the tonal shift from hysteria to sulky that the Chron's bumper-to-bumper traffic coverage of the MacArthur Maze collapse has taken? From the "Monday Morning Commute Will Be Terrible!!!!" to "Morning Commute Okay, But Evening Commute Will Be Terrible!" to "Monday Commute Okay, But What About Tuesday????" to sulkily kicking the ground and being like, "Wednesday Commute Continues To Be Okay."

Well, the Chron continues their slightly-let-down demeanor as they report this evening that Caltrans is expecting to reopen W 80/S 880 in not months or half-years but -- wait for it -- a week to ten days. Turns out the bottom half of the collapse came through more or less okay, and if people work around the clock, it should be open by Mother's Day.

Yay Caltrans! But we do totally feel for the Chron. We were kind of hoping for exciting gridlock and tales of woe ourselves.

Awesome picture of the maze by sfbuckaroo, off flickr.

We love it.