So those stories out there saying the commute this morning wasn't so bad didn’t quite tell the whole story . Turns out there were some problem spots out there, just not throughout the entire maze and a blogger reports that BART was a lot more crowded than it was yesterday.

The good news is that the damage might not be so bad after all. Caltrans is saying that the 880 ramp might not need to be rebuilt but just needs some repair work. They are also saying that they found enough steel to not have to go trolling on Craigslist for some ("Dear Missed Connections: You are strong and sturdy and occasionally have a gleam in your eye....") There is, of course, issues over who's paying for this all and the damage to the economy this is all creating, but that's as expected.

As for what will happen in the future about the commute, it appears we're still in a "seat of our pants" mode as there's no set and definite plan on how to handle all this. Things feel okay right now (except in West Oakland), but everyone is still fearful that somewhere along the line, things are going to get b-a-d. And don't even think about the hell that could arise if there's an accident somewhere in the maze or the bridge. Yikes.

And finally, the question has been raised as to whether all of this is just one big huge conspiracy by the "Bush Regime" to get back at their NorCal opponents. After all (and we owe this to our sister site Seattlest who tipped us off), Loose Change has pointed out that gas fire has never actually melted steel. Crazy, huh? Rosie even said as much. But wait, there's more! According to the site 4/29 Truth there are a lot of other strange things out there. Like that car that caught fire on the overpass hours earlier? Or the fact the Governator got there a little too early. And maybe the truck didn't really catch on fire but instead was hit by a missle? There's much more to the theory too-- go check it out. We, of course, adamantly demand an investigation.

PS- before we get comments in the comment section, we are all aware of the fact that this is all one, big joke. A pretty funny one too.

Anyways, here are some more resources for you

-SFGate's NWZCHIK has some good information.

-The Chron also has some info on detours

-ABC7 lays out some alternate routes has pretty much the most comprehensive list of information.