What was the most surprising thing to you about Walter Murch
Walter is a true renaissance man. His areas of expertise are varied and surprising. Not only is he an Oscar winning editor and sound designer, he is a translator of Italian poetry, a film director, an author, and a beekeeper. He has presented his new findings on an astronomical theory (that had previously fallen from favor) to prestigious scientific groups. He also knows how to hypnotize chickens.

What's your favorite movie edited by him?
The Conversation

Do you think the general populace notices film editing?
They notice the result of it just as one's attention is drawn to a beautiful woman. You don't say to yourself, "nice makeup and foundation garment".

What should they be noticing?
They should notice whether a film works on an emotional level or not. The rest should be undefinable.

What's the best (edited) scene in film?
The opening chicken chase scene in City of God is hard to beat.