It is not often that an event we attend simply blows away its billing. Friday night, however, we managed to procure tickets to the single greatest game in the last 13 years of Warriors home game history. We watched the Warriors fearlessly and recklessly dismantle the Dallas Mavericks as the Warriors guards absolutely abused the Mavericks back court and the front line compensated their (relatively) small dimensions with oversized heart, hustle, desire and effort. While we have watched many Warriors games this year we can't help but say that something has clicked recently, because this team just doesn't care. They don't care about how they "should" play the game, hoisting 3's even when they have numbers on fast breaks and switching on screams so that 6 foot guards are defending 7 foot centers. They don't care that they "should" be losing. And they definitely don't care that Dallas "should" be the anointed ones this season and that Nellie's X's and O's "should" not work in the long run.

We were thinking of commenting more on the game itself, but really, what more can we really say? As GSW fans we awoke this morning with a smile and throat that hurt from 48 minutes of screaming and laughing to no end, and palms that stung from high-fiving other elated fans. And while our seats were not the greatest (section 218, anyone?) the crowd more than made up for it with 20,629 screaming, standing fans, wearing the awegliest (awesome + ugliest and we did just make that up , What's it to you?) yellow shirts which stated "We Believe."

Maybe our favorite memory was on the long BART ride home, when a dozen or so fans, an hour after the game had ended, took up their thunder sticks and began, once again, with the a chant which has been dormant for far too long: "Lets Go Warriors, bum, bum bu-bu-bu."

Image from our busted-phone because our busted-digital camera really is busted.