On Tuesday, Gavin cut the ribbon on the city's very first commercial B20 biodiesel refueling station. B20 fuel is fuel made up of 20% biomass, 75% diesel, and 5% tomato juice and the biomass is made up mainly of leftover restaurant grease. Right now, about 39% of the city's transportation is able to use B20 and Gavin hopes soon all the city's transportation will run on B20. This announcement has gone over so well even Beyond Chron (Beyond Chron!) said nice things about it.

Sadly, the station will not be for us regular drivers and will be used only by the cities fleet of diesel vehicles. If you want to start using the B20 blend, you can go to the San Francisco BioFuels Cooperative (SFBC), People’s Fuel, and Berkeley's Biofuel Oasis. Or, you can just get your ride pimped up.