In case you were wondering how Muni was going to explain the near-meltdown two weeks ago, look no further than the agenda for the April 25th meeting of the Citizen's Advisory Committee. (It's not online yet, so you'll just have to take our word for it.) Apparently, blame is laid at the feet of bottlenecks at a switchback and an offline substation and a switching issue and OH GOD WHO CARES WE JUST WANT TO GET HOME FROM WORK WHILE WE'RE STILL YOUNG.

Honestly, it's just unbelievable how many people want to have their hands on the post-mortem for the T launch. Everyone's talking analysis and suggestions and overhauls and we just yearn for the day that we can go back to writing about such wildly diverse topics as Kirk Cameron's heterosexuality and science fiction.

Muni, please fix yourself. Not just so that we can get around town, but so that we can stop complaining about how we can't.

After the jump: Muni's description of What Went Wrong, including good news like "as of April 16 on-time performance on the T-Third had increased to 25%."