You could tell Mayor Gavin Newsom came in expecting the full costumed brigade this morning at Fourth Fake Question Time-- we saw Gavin flinch when SFist Elaine saw him coming into the Excelsior Boys and Girls Club right at 2 p.m.. this morning and shouted out, "Holler!" -- but it was as chicken-free as a lunch at Cafe Gratitude, for the latest installment of Gavin Newsom's town hall meeting, this one on the topic of Youth and Families.

Well, on the bright side, Gavin actually took questions at this event. On the down side, it ended up being heavy enough on the wonk side that a baby started shrieking as soon as Gavin Newsom moved towards his mother and we thought, "We totally know you feel, little one." Here's our impressions from the day:

--Gavin was totally upstaged by the adorable hip-hop dancers that kicked off the event.

--Note to Dan Noyes: Gavin is perfectly happy to take unscripted questions from children ("Why is it the Boys and Girls Club and not the Girls and Boys Club?"). If you want to ask Gavin hard-hitting questions about, say, Ruby Rippey-Tourk, can the ABC 7 I-Team hire a 7-year-old reporter?

--State Assembly Rep. Fiona Ma brought her dog again.

Pictures after the jump (including one of Fiona's dog), along with the Bumblebee status report!