Well, there's now two more vying for elective office -- and hey, check this out. According to Fog City Journal, Joe Alioto is running in District 3, and Joe Alioto is running in District 3. Whaaa? It's like a Doublemint ad!

No, seriously: so Angela Alioto's son and current Police Commissioner Joe Alioto-Veronese (at whose wedding you may remember Gavin met the second of his four bad choices of the heart, Sofia Milos) is running for the State Senate District 3 seat that Carole Migden and Mark Leno are currently pushing and shoving each other for -- while Joseph Michael Alioto, Michela Alioto-Pier's brother, is thinking seriously about running in San Francisco District 3, for Supervisor after current rep Aaron Peskin terms out.

Next up for us: convincing Boutros Boutros Ghali to run for both seats too!

Picture of Alioto's Restaurant on Fisherman's Wharf, started by Joseph Alioto's uncle.