You may be shocked -- SHOCKED -- to learn that sometimes, some of the people who come to the Castro for Halloween are not entirely well-behaved. Fortunately, after last year's shootings and stabbings, Bevan promised to plan ahead to make 2007 safer. And he did! After some reminding by the BAR, which ran an article last week about how he totally forgot to do that planning he'd been talking about.

Now it looks like Bevan's considering a number of options, such as moving Halloween to a pier down by the waterfront, and to lure revelers away from the Castro by hiring PRINCE OR THE BLACK-EYED PEAS. Because there's no better way recreate the appeal of the gay area's epicenter than with the smell of fish and a musical act that's been out-camped by Alanis Morissette.

To be fair, Castro problems are often blamed on bridge-n-tunnelers, or at least non-Castroans. And maybe, just maybe, a slushy decoy like the B-E-Pees are exactly what it'll take to lure troublemakers out of the Castro ... and into the Marina, an neighborhood already so war-torn with drunken clubbing jackasses they'll hardly notice a few more.