The Sunday Styles section of the Chronicle does it again! Not content to rest on its laurels after watching poor Jennifer Bumblebee Siebel decimate herself, Styles next turns its gimlet eye on two other prominent members of the Swells set: Denise Hale and the inimitable bicycle-intimidator Dede Wilsey. Sunday Styles RULES.

Turns out Pat Montandon, mother of Sean Wilsey and ex-wife of Dede's late husband Al Wilsey, has decided to pen a book of her own, not-derivatively-at-all titled "Oh The Hell Of It All," which dishes even more dirt on Dede Wilsey. Is such a thing even possible?? And not to be left out, the stepdaughter of Swells lady Denise Hale (the Jessica Simpson of the Swells set, to Ann Getty and Dede Wilsey's Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, respectively, which makes Susie Tompkins Buell, um.... Mandy Moore, we guess.) Linda Hale Bucklin, has released a tell-all book as well. Fun!!!!!

So many good quotes in this article, we gotta summarize it awards style, after the jump. Categories include: best quote, best life-changing moment, best mixed-doubles tennis partner over 60 -- and much much more!

Picture of Pat Montandon with Lyman Casey and then-husband Al Wilsey at her Gone With The Wind party from the Chron, courtesy of Ms. Montandon.