Yes, we’ll admit we went to the ‘youth shorts’ with some preconceptions about youth films (maybe we were picturing our own painful camcorder films from years ago). But what we saw from these young women blew away our notions. Sitting in the folding chairs of the Women’s Building, we got a little sneak preview of tomorrow’s women directors.

We were particularly impressed with Melissa Wee’s A Conversation Between Two Miserable People in Dr.Tourin’s Waiting Room about, well, the title kind of sums it up.

After the films, there was a brief Q&A with filmmaker, America Velasques (who directed a great music video, “The Fall Of”) and Liz Nord, youth coordinator at Tilt (Teaching Intermedia Literacy Tools, a nonprofit teaching film and media skills to youth). We’re pretty amazed by all the opportunities for youth to learn about film here in the Bay Area.

Kinda makes our own high school years look a little shabby in comparison. What happened to taking piano lessons in a slightly-senile woman’s living room?

SFist Jessie, contributing.