City Attorney Dennis Herrera declined to give a comment but just told everyone to check out the report. So here it is.

While the report says Gavin did nothing illegal, it did go onto say that there's still questions about all that time off Ruby got and whether she was given preferential treatment. In fact, the report says they weren't able to determine where Ruby went during all the time off or what problem she had. It might have helped if they were actually able to talk to either Ruby or Alex Tourk, her husband, but were never able to.

Reaction, of course, is all over the place. ABC 7 mainly says Gavin's free and easy these days, although Aaron Peskin says the whole thing "raises questions." In a surprise to no one, the Bay Guardian says that the report is "far from reassuring" that everything was on the up-and-up.

All of which means that there is just enough questions out there to make sure this issue might never go away.