This is the first official week of service on the T line. And it's not all roses and rainbows -- this weekend saw delays, bunching, and nice long waits. At one point, the wait at Embarcadero for a T was 108 minutes -- yikes. We sure hope that'll all be cleared up for Muni's launch party on the 14th; we're sure that Nancy Pelosi, the guest of honor, has better things to do with her time than wait on the platform for nearly two hours.

The main problem seems to be a lack of trains -- or maybe a lack of drivers? More likely, it's both, as Muni's perpetually plagued by funding shortages. They still haven't been able to send out as many trains as they've scheduled, so trainless gaps in service persist. A reader sent in some data that he collected on the line, showing 7 missing trains on Monday and 5 missing trains today. Those numbers appear after the jump.

Yesterday we created the above-embedded stop-motion video of the day's service. And it proves ... hmm ... something. We're not totally sure how to interpret it. The trains sure do seem to bunch up at 4th and King, and they definitely seem to slow down at Embarcadero, and service on the whole downtown stretch seems awfully spotty. What are your thoughts? You can read some comments on the mess over at the Chron's blog: as usual, the Chron's readers prove to be a mixed bag, with some smart insight such as comparing Muni's treatment of riders to software beta-testers; and also some lower-value comments arguing that only Bayview residents should be allowed to discuss the line, and that Muni's at least better for the handicapped than dragging yourself down the sidewalk. Well put.