Editor -- Peter McGowan should pass an edict that all vendors at AT&T Park must take a knee when Barry Bonds comes up to bat, as nothing gets my ire up more that having my view blocked by a tower of blue and pink cotton candy or someone waving a bar of Cherry Garcia just as Bonds steps into the box.

This would also set an example to those in attendance who decide Bonds' at-bats are the ideal time to stand up and take hot dog orders or wave to friends across the stadium while talking on their cell phone.

McGowan could even put churro vendors in charge of whacking these folks upside the head a few times, perhaps knocking some sense into their addled brains. I'm not asking for a lot. Bonds only comes to bat 3-4 times per game, and we are talking baseball history here.

We here at SFist couldn't agree more with this letter writer. In fact, we don't think he goes far enough. We think the Giants should stop any sort of vending during a Bonds' at bat. There should also be a ban on talking-- it is so hard to concentrate when people are making plans for which bar to go to after the game. And forget about even standing up as it might ruin the view of a true Bonds fan, all fans should be made to sit throughout the entire at bat. Hell, maybe we should even make it so nobody could go to the bathroom during a Barry at bat.