The articles profiled a couple who live on Guerrero Street and their two kids (5 and 1) -- on the one hand, an affordable area because of the high-density housing and street traffic, but on the other, not the safest place for kids to play. They relate the classic San Francisco tale of woe: having to drive their kids across town in traffic to get to the better schools on the west side (or scrape up over $10,000 in private school tuition), cars speeding down the road, and other families in their neighborhood fleeing for bigger yards and more bedrooms in the East Bay.

So it seems that as of late, many families that want to stay in San Francisco end up leaving the east side of town (the Mission, the Marina, the Haight) and going over to the more suburban-y parts of town (the Sunset and West Portal spring to mind). But what about families that want to stay in an urban environment? What if you don't really want a yard and like having a lot of people around? They (sort of) make it work in New York, don't they?

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