When Luke Thomas sent us these pictures of Jennifer Siebel yesterday, we just about died and went to sartorial heaven. Even Jennifer can't believe how cute she looks. Please keep this up, Jen, and give us the name of the salesperson who sold you your cape. We want to buy that person a mojito.

We could care less if Jen is pretty on the inside. Everything works here: the bag, the boots, the dress, and, most importantly, the hair. In short, this look is fierce. (Yes, this is coming from the same blogger who loved VicTraina's Hefty bag couture. Whatev, we like what we like.)

About a week ago, we spotted a picture of Jen on Fog City wearing a cute red trench coat. Also, her hair was brushed, and her skin was glowing. Contrary to popular belief, we don't particularly enjoy looking at bad pictures of celebrities. It breaks our heart to see beautiful people make fugly mistakes.

We refrained from crediting ourselves with Jen's coincidental makeover, chalking it up to the influence of her female friends, the dressing room attendant at Saks, or photo comments on her MySpace. (We don't know if Jen actually has a MySpace page, but she should add as a friend us if she does.)

However, the image of Jen wearing an SFist-approved cape, made us say "Praise Jebus!" We just happened to be wearing our own black cape yesterday, and we met a stylist wearing the exact same one.