You may know by now that we prefer our meat grass-fed, pedigreed, pasture raised, and without ooky hormones, antibiotics or other additives.

rougeburger.jpgSo when we had a craving for a burger the other night, we decided to take our East Bay selves down to 4th Street in Berkeley. A decidedly dead nighttime destination, save for one or three stalwart and stellar restaurants, including Eccolo -- where we almost took a hosting job, just to be closer to the food; Tacubaya -- satiating sibling of Oakland's Doña Tomás; and purveyors of fresh organic heritage meats and house-made charcuterie Café Rouge.

While Eccolo's lunch menu boasts a tempting list of burger preparations we have yet to try, (we'll go there next, we promise!) -- we know that, day or night, we can always get our grilled ground beef groove on at Café Rouge, even if the burger is not listed on the dinner menu (usually the case). Nothing makes you feel so in the know as when you order a dish out of thin air.

We made our reservation, fully intending to order that lovely juicy 1/2-lb. burger and crispy fries ($11). (Yes, yes, many good burgers exist in the Bay Area at other restaurants for under $10; our specific snooty foodie type of craving is a sickness.)

Picture of burger from Cafe Rouge website; picture of Cafe Rouge by SFist Julie.

Did SFist Julie get that 1/2-lb. burger? Jump on through to find out! (Hint: Answer involves grilled sardines.).