We're getting so upset to have to keep writing the same post over and over again -- yet another San Francisco independent bookstore is shutting its doors. This time, it's the not-so-long-ago opened Cody's SF, next to the Virgin Megastore in Union Square, who made it about a year and a half before the news today. Is that retail space cursed or what? The store's last day will be April 20, but the Cody's 4th Street Berkeley store will remain.

It's true that the SF Cody's always seemed to have problems attracting foot traffic -- the several layers of stairs and elevators you had to take to get to the books were a problem, and the fact that a lot of newly-released books never seemed to be in stock always seemed odd, as did the weird vaguely-rubber smell of the store. But we have had some excellent times browsing that Cody's, and we're run into several friends there as well (one of whom excitedly told us by the fast-moving escalator that she'd gotten engaged and was looking for wedding planning books), and we're very sorry to see the store close down.

We fervently hope this is the last SF independent bookstore closing post we have to write for awhile, so everyone -- go to Books Inc. tonight! Or Green Apple. Or Stacey's. Or Booksmith or Modern Times or City Lights! And buy lots and lots of books while you're there.

Picture of Cody's SF by SFist Derrick, from happier times.